About Us

Amplios Consultants Australia Pty Ltd was established in Sydney in 1972. The 100% owner is the company President, Wilson Fyffe.

The company's specialization is in the study of future events and their potential impact on business investment. This is followed by consulting services in Business Investment Strategy and Corporate Performance Monitoring.

Amplios provides its services to clients on a global basis supported by a network of specialist consultants and service providers. Our support team members and major clients are located in:

  • Australia

  • Asia: - Singapore, Malaysia, Maldives, Indonesia, India

  • Africa: - Cameroon, Nigeria, Tanzania, Sierra Leone.

  • USA: - Texas

In the early 2000's, Amplios was engaged by Microsoft to train 1000+ sales personnel in customer relationship management in 15 cities in 10 countries in Asia Pacific. Amplios was also engaged to assist in design of related online training for Microsoft sales personnel worldwide.

Our President, Wilson Fyffe, is currently:

Wilson has recently completed a 3-year membership of the global strategy board of PRMIA

Concurrent with his Presidency at Amplios, Wilson has served a 3-year term as President Director of KPMG International Consultants, Indonesia and a 10-year term as a Managing Consultant with PwC Consultants, Indonesia and Australia.

To view a brief video of Wilson's presentation style, click here.

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