Step 3.2 Opportunity Risk 


The steps involved in opportunity risk assessment are such as:

  • Horizon Scanning via Risk & Opportunity Radar

  • Scenario-based Business Investment Risk Assessment

  • Selection of Opportunities for Strategy Development

The Risk and Opportunity Radar is designed to give Chief Executives a global view of events likely to impact their business in the short term and the long term.

We have identified Futures Platform and Fibresonline as world leaders currently providing software supporting Risk and Opportunity Radar.


An example of a Risk and Opportunity Radar from Futures Platform is shown in the image below. The color codes indicate varying degrees of importance of future events.

All of the data can be verified by source.

Scroll down to also view the Fibresonline user interface.

Futures Platform Radar.png

For further information on the Futures Platform Risk and Opportunity Radar, click here.

As mentioned above, another world leader in Risk and Opportunity Radar is Fibresonline. A copy of their user interface is shown in the image below:

Fibres software 4.png

Note that Fibresonline uses the current best practice horizon scanning framework of:

  • Political

  • Economic

  • Social

  • Technological

  • Environmental

  • Legal

From our research at Amplios, this has now been expanded as shown in the image below. We have shown the original "PEST" elements in large fonts.


Scenario-based Business Investment Risk Assessment

Once Chief Executives are comfortable with their global view, they can then pay direct attention to specific investment opportunities for which they need to make "Go-Nogo" choices. If "Go", the specific investment opportunity will be subjected to thorough strategic planning.

For details of particular case studies, please contact us.

Note that the elements in the Amplios future events table can be linked directly to those discovered by using the Fibresonline method.

Using this Amplios method, Chief Executives and their colleagues can discuss, for any particular opportunity:

  • The top 20 impact events and their interactions with each other

  • The trend of each event

  • The arithmetic sign of each event (is it good news or bad news for the project)

For more information on Scenario-based Business Investment Risk Assessment, please contact us.